• Tanjung Jati B Coal Fired Power Plant, Jepara, Indonesia



PT TJB Power Services, situated at Tanjung Jati B Power Station, Desa Tubanan, Kecamatan Kembang, Kabupaten Jepara, Central Java commits to ensure Health & Safety of all its personnel whether directly or indirectly employed.

Tanjung Jati B is committed to safety in all respects. People and plant safety principles are an irrevocable undertaking and commitment from the most senior manager down, to include the entire workforce and contractors.


We pride ourselves in strong conviction and proactive approach to safety awareness, safety training, safety procedures, inspections and plant walkdowns, elements that are essential in maintaining a professional and committed approach safety and safety culture.

In order to fulfil the policy :
- Promote a culture of continues improvement of its management system of health & safety aspects pertaining to all its personnel. Also promote awareness of good health & best safety practices.
- Develop & establish principles & procedures to ensure health & safety of its personnel.
- Prevent & protect all its personnel from injuries and ill health.
- Comply with all related statutory regulations and other requirements that are in force or may come in to force time to time.
- Communicate health & safety responsibility of each & every individual.
- Identify, evaluate & control health & safety hazards.
- Monitor & audit regularly on going operations to ensure compliance with procedures.
- Identify, evaluates & record non compliances & take corrective action & regularly verify & review.
- All accidents & near miss incidents are openly reported & investigated in order to prevent reurrence of such accidents or near miss incidents.