PT TJB Power Services, situated at Tanjung Jati B Power Station, Desa Tubanan, Kecamatan Kembang, Kabupaten Jepara, Central Java commits to preserve and protect surronding environment in its operation with a view to maintain environmentally sustinable operation.

In order to fulfil the policy :

  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement of its management system and pollution in the operation and maintenance of plant and equipment.
  • Develop and establish principles and procedures to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Comply with all related statutory regulations and other requirements that are in force or may come in to force from time to time.
  • Identify, evaluate & control environmental hazards.
  • Monitor & audit regularly on going operations to ensure compliance with the procedures.
  • Identify, evaluate & record non compliances and take corrective action & regularly verify & review.

To minimize the environmental effect which caused by coal fired process and provide environmental friendly industry. Tanjung Jati B Power Plant have several facilities such as :

Electro Static Precipitator (ESP)

Coal fired power plant installed in Indonesia are fitted with electrostatic precipitators. Read More...
Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)

Historically Gaseus Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) emissions have been controlled by either dispersion or reduction. Read More...
Ash Handling System

Bottom ash handling and fly ash handling systems.
Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Plant waste water is minimal, however TJB has a waste water treatment plant to where all plant waste water is directed for treatment. Read More...